Hong Kong cinema Panorama

Matter of style

Tribute to the brilliant director Wong Kar-Wai

There is a great desire for beauty. There is a great desire for cinema at the cinema. There is a great desire for Wong Kar Wai … A precious monographic path entitled A question of style. A journey into beauty and cinema. A daydream in a historical moment in which dreaming is as urgent as it is difficult. The Salento International Film festival pays tribute to Wong Kar Wai, the most western director of the new wave of oriental cinema since the 1980s, an experimental director and a profound innovator of the cinematographic language

His stories are universal but the way in which his writing deals with feelings refers to a distant culture, a culture in which themes such as sex, drugs and even death are dealt with in a vital way, in natural contrast to the typical heaviness of Western culture.

In the Mood for Love, In Vena d’Amore just restored in 4K, in Italian, is the film launched internationally by the director from Hong Kong, the brilliant leader of the Chinese new wave. Restyling in 4K also Hong Kong Express and Happy Together.


Happy Together
Hong Kong 1997, 96’, DCP, col., Dubbed in Italian
Thursday September 9 | 9:45 pm | More info

In The Mood For Love
Un film by Kar-Wai Wong | Hong Kong 2000 | 90 min.
Sabato 11 Settembre | 19:30 | More info

Hong Kong Express
A film by Kar-Wai Wong | Hong Kong 1994 | 98 min.
Saturday September 11 | 9 pm | More info

Special Screening

Shock Wave 2 – Onda D’urto

A film by Herman Yau | Hong Kong 2020 | 120 min.
Language: Cantonese with Italian subtitles

Friday September 10 | ore 9 pm Sala A

Between bright images and vivid and gaudy colors enhanced by color correction, extraordinary choreography and spectacular fire effects out of the ordinary, Shock Wave 2 reveals itself more than a solid action formally flawless Asian, subjecting to the judgment of the spectators not only the inversion of the hero, from a bomb disposer who disposes of the most dangerous explosive devices to a genuine global threat, but also a series of issues, from the consumerism of a society increasingly corrupt and poor in hopes to the crazy roots of terrorism, from the limits and discrimination suffered by the handicapped to the psychological repercussions that anger can cause in human beings. More info