Stefano Petroni from Puglia with his documentary HeartWood – Nueva Memory wins the “ Social Impact Award “at Siff 2020. Through sudden epidemics, such as that of xylella which is destroying not only our olive trees, especially in Puglia – from Santa Maria di Leuca to Polignano – and which destroys all agriculture, not only millenary olive trees, it is the Ecocide centered on the destruction of the Biodiversity.

Just like for covid 19, even in ignoring the how and when we certainly know the reason for that death sentence not only of the endangered species but also of ours: the environment is no different from us.

In ” HEART WOOD” mother nature with the inspiration of gentle but firm gestures and ways of living, has allowed a young man, who has allowed himself to be welcomed by distant peoples, to hypothesize a concrete solution to the progression of the extinction of his olive trees: he has in fact discovered that there is a way to be in the world, which is to get in touch with life by listening to the breath of the trees, perceiving in every fiber the fresh air of the waves, distinguishing the sound change of the song of cicadas at changing the wind and the weather, observing and understanding the movement of the stars and thus discovering a powerful feeling that goes beyond what science can explain.

He is a young man who learns that you can love, protect and therefore love and respect a small insect like a bee, then you can be able to love the entire universe because we are the bees of a hive that lives on this planet and that only by working together, like the bees of a hive, the global one in which we are given to live, we could produce better honey and that is to offer and guarantee future generations those of the best quality of life.

From Brazil, through Mexico and Colombia, this bisesta edition launches a project of hope that comes from ancient peoples, who have survived the worst devastation, of all kinds and types: Resistance, perseverance, quiet patience, make indestructible and allow us to stay who you are through changes; as for the olive trees, if the roots are taken care of and new buds are grafted, humans, just like the trees, can live eternal and strong; they can, like the rock, be resistant and connect their past with their future. Protecting the earth is nothing more than protecting that part of ourselves that we see reflected in the world.

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