Shock Wave 2

Directed by Herman Yau| Hong Kong 2020 | 120 min
Language: Cantonese with Italian Subtitles


The images of mass destruction that open Shock Wave 2, the latest blockbuster by director Herman Yau focusing on the expert bomb disposal experts from Hong Kong. Within a couple of minutes, the film shows the city’s airport in panic, hit by a speeding train and promptly bombed with nuclear weapons – a shocking sequence, staged to illustrate the level of terrorist threat represented in the movie. The plot is linked to what happened five years earlier, when the bomb squad officer Poon Shing-fung (Andy Lau) is mutilated at work and is subsequently exonerated from active duty, even after a very intense rehabilitation. Five years later, a suicide bombing draws police attention to Vendetta, a terrorist group that communicates via the dark web and that seems to be bringing gunmen to Hong Kong in sight of something big

Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Ron Ng
Herman Yau, Erica Li, Eric Lee
Andy Lau
Cinematography by:
Kwong-Hung Joe Chan
Music by:
Jan Hung Mak
Film Editing by:
Wai-Chiu Chung

Herman Yau
Born in Hong Kong in 1961, Herman Yau graduated with a degree in film from Hong Kong Baptist College in 1984. He directed his first feature film, No Regret, in 1987 and has since embarked on a prolific and varied career in film, television, music videos and publishing. Co-founder of various cultural magazines, Yau was also a columnist and has several self-published books to his credit. Internationally renowned as a director of genre and exploitation films, as well as socially conscious works, Yau is also active as a director of photography and producer.a e produttore.