18° Salento International Film Festival 2021

The Siff is pleased to announce the films selected for the 18th edition of the Salento International Film Festival Awards 2021 in competition: Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films ..


Special Events| Out of Competition | Tuesday September 7 | 8:30 pm

The look of women

A film by Jivan Avetisyan | Armenia 2020 | 91 min.
whit Italian subtitles
Language: English, German, French and Armenian with

Jivan Avetisyan’s new film revolves around German journalist Robert Sternvall (played by Richard Sammel), who is obsessed with his past and returns to Artsakh after 22 years when the Nagorno-Karabakh war resumes. During his investigation of him, he meets opera singer Sophia Marti ( Tatiana Spivakova),who is the daughter of Edgar Martirosyan, a man she abandoned and left in captivity in 1992. As their romance blossoms, Robert’s guilty conscience unfolds. he swallows slowly and must face the truth of his past actions. More info


Open & Close Films Siff 2021


Opening Night | Wednesday September 8 | 7:30 pm

A film by Antonio Pisu | Italy 2020 |104 min.
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Based on a true story, EST – Dictatorship Last Minute it is a road movie in which many things happen at the limit of credibility and which, however, in those years, in those places and with the “a bit of a jerk” ingenuity of the twenty-year-olds at the time, they really happened. A very beautiful film, shot very well and that tells a beautiful story, not so far from us, both geographically and temporally. More Info

Closing Night | Sunday September 12 | 8:30 pm

A film by Sonia Nassery Cole | Afghanistan 2020 |93 min.
Lingua: Pashtu with Italian and English subtitles

Afghanistan is a war-torn country that has lasted for twenty years and a tyrannical dictatorship exercised by Isis. Unlivable and desolate land, land marred by conflicts. For the young protagonist Massoud, born and raised in Afghanistan, after having witnessed the slaughter of his father, all that remains is to flee: together with other refugees, including a pregnant woman (symbol of hope and life), he will cross different countries to reach the ‘Europe. It is an arduous and tortuous journey, made up of clandestine encounters, full of terrible vicissitudes that touch death and despair. More info


Last Guitarist

A film by Taghrid Abouelhassan, Maysoon Khaled, Rim Mejdi, Emna Najjar, Farah Shaer | Jordan 2020 |100 min.
Language: Arabian with Italian and English Subtitles

Chronicles of Her is a collective and anthological film, promoted by Unesco and co-financed by the European Union to encourage the film sector of the Maghreb and Mashrek to reflect on the socio-cultural inequality of which women in these countries are daily victims. Five young protagonists, five separate stories but strongly linked by themes and situations, five women forced to live in a repressive environment that suppresses their hopes, their most authentic desires, their freedom. More info


A film by Kaveh Mazaheri | Iran 2020 | 97 min.
Language: Farsi with Italian subtitles

«Botox», the film by Kaveh Mazaheri, winner of the thirty-eighth edition of the Turin Film Festival, recalls certain figures of bewildered and irresistible matadors for its snow-covered landscapes, but, above all, for the original characteristics of the two protagonist sisters, Akram and Azar. The film was inspired by a real person, says the director, with whom I have lived for years. Akram is a woman with autism who has been constantly humiliated by her brother for years. I’ve always wondered what would happen if Akram could one day receive compensation for everything she went through. More Info

A film by Kazem Mollaie | Iran 2020 | 93 min.
Language: Farsi with Italian Subtitles

Right before Soodeh Sharifzadegan’s second marriage, her 11-year-old son, “Matiar” is kidnapped. After considerable effort, Soodeh is forced to ask for the ransom money from her ex-husband, “Peyman”. After Matiar’s release, Soodeh, being curious, comes to the sudden realization that it was all her son’s plan to provide the grounds for his father’s return. More info

A film by Marcelo Brennand | Brasil 2020 |84 min.
Language: Portuguese with Italian & English subtitles

Corral is a political drama that takes place in rural Brazil, in the city of Gravatá, where during the mayoral elections, the population is divided between the Blue and Red parties, which represent political oligarchies fighting for power. Due to a severe drought, water is the main bargaining chip to get votes from the population. More Info

Re Minore

A film by Giuseppe Ferlito | Italy 2020 | 122 min.
Language: Italian with English subtitles

The contrast between a Sicily that remains tied to the past and one that looks to the future, so in the film by Giuseppe Ferlito “Re Minore” the two souls of a wonderful land also made of contradictions, but which still knows how to bring out out of passions and never banal concepts, this is what inspire the words of the director, who wanted to tell “my Sicily” with his phonemes and mixed languages, therefore the Sicily of “today”. More info

L'ultimo Chitarrista

A film by Jason Orfalas, | Philippines 2020 | 103 min.
Language: Tagalog with italian and english subtitles

In a dystopian Philippines, Marcelo struggles to save his family against an authoritarian regime that caused the death of his only sister Gabriela. This film is a ballad to our Philippines, a nation of over seven thousand islands scattered in the ocean, torn by tectonic shifts in world powers that rise and fall throughout history. In this is much of my angst, hope, and love so overwhelming that I was compelled to speak for ’tis not external forces that enslave a people, but their silence. More Info


A film by Parish Malfitano, | Australia 2020 | 90 min.
Language: English with Italian subtitles

The modern version of an Italian horror-thriller from the 60s / 70s. It has all the right ingredients: erotic obsession, personal fantasies colliding, vivid sequences of hallucinations, sick and twisted family relationships. The key aspects of cinema exude a distinctly cosmopolitan aura, something rarely achieved in Australian cinema. It is a real soup of cinephile allusions and influences, this makes the film a national rarity. More info

A film by Luca Rabotti, | Italy 2021 | 73 min.
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Giovanni is 40 years old and lives with his beloved 102-year-old grandmother. After a stormy past, he is constantly looking for his redemption. He has carved out a space in the world where he lives in the midst of nature with his animal friends. They survived very difficult situations like him. Even if the monsters of the past don’t leave him alone. Nature helps him to be happy and to find himself. His mission is to save animals. But to save Rosi a calf that will soon go to the slaughterhouse, Giovanni stumbles upon his cocaine past. This is why he risks losing everything he has built with so much effort. More info


A film by Herman Yau | Hong Kong 2020 | 120 min.
Language: Cantonese with Italian subtitles

Those that open are images of mass destruction Shock Wave 2,the latest blockbuster by director Herman Yau focusing on the expert bomb disposal experts from Hong Kong. Within a couple of minutes, the film shows the city’s airport in panic, hit by a speeding train and promptly bombed with nuclear weapons – a shocking sequence, staged to illustrate the level of terrorist threat represented in the movie. More info

Tribute to KAR-WAI WONG
There is a great desire for beauty. There is a great desire for cinema at the cinema. There is a great desire for Wong Kar Wai … A precious monographic path entitled A question of style. A journey into beauty and cinema. A daydream in a historical moment in which dreaming is as urgent as it is difficult.

A film by Kar-Wai Wong | Hong Kong 1994 | 98 min.
Language: Dubbed in Italian

When a film comes out that marks a “before” and an “after”.

Those who, in the golden year of the Usual Suspectsand Seven, fell in love with a film that fell off Mars. Those who saw it at the cinema, those who “inherited” it from their older brother, those who, even later, found it in a small video store. In short: what Asian cinema will be (forever) a blonde wig, a pair of dark glasses and many jars of pineapple! Here is Hong Kong Express. A masterpiece. A cult. An unforgettable metropolitan adventure punctuated by the notes of California Dreamin’ – More Info

A film by Kar-Wai Wong | Hong Kong 2000 | 90 min.
Language: Dubbed in Italian

Hong Kong, early 1960s. A man and a woman. Two opposite people who find themselves living a chaste and secret love. Two wonderful actors who open the doors of the West to the beauty of the new Asian cinema (Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, we recall, was crowned at the Cannes Film Festival). An intense and refined melodrama that, needless to say, has really made history … Few know how to tell the feelings as Wong Kar Wai tells them, translating them into pure essentiality, and In the Mood for Lover is still today an Inimitable model. More Info

A film by Kar-Wai Wong | Hong Kong 1997 | 93 min.
Language: Dubbed in Italian

Talk about sex. Making poetry.
Yiu-fai and Po-wing travel from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires in search of a new life: but their love will be a whirlwind of betrayals and reconciliations, disputes and painful tears, while Fai struggles with a thousand jobs and Po-wing ends. to prostitute themselves. Fai becomes friends with Chang, who is probably interested in him romantically. Around the lives of the three revolve the Iguazu Falls and a lighthouse in the south of the world. More Info


Renato Casaro

A film by Walter Bencini | Italy 2020 | 90 min.
Language: Italian with English subtitles

The life and work of an absolute master of art, Renato Casaro, respected and appreciated by great directors.

In the documentary by Walter Bencini he recounts the professional life ofi Renato Casaro when, with nostalgia, we acknowledge that the digital world and social media have totally deprived the work of those who painted with brush and airbrush of importance and we see that today in the promotion of films, trailers and motion visuals have almost completely replaced the manifest. Through his works, fragments of daily life, photos and archive footage, we will get to know the artistic aspect but also the human one. More info

A film by Marco Rosson | Italy 2020 | 65 min.
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Giovanni “Flash” Parisi is one of those athletes who left an indelible mark on Italian boxing. His professional career has influenced several generations of Italian boxers to come, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans to him. But like so many great careers, behind it there is an extraordinary life, a continuous overcoming of obstacles that led him to emerge from conditions of poverty and abandonment. More info

A film by Yorgos Arvanitis | Grecia 2020 | 88 min.
Language: Greek with Italian subtitles

Following the ancient Greek bagpipe, “The Journey of Askavlos” takes the viewer on a journey from stone-built villages, where the instrument’s origins lie, to the concrete jungles of modern towns and cities. He becomes a witness to this revival and discovers a thing almost lost: the customs and an ethos of a people of another era, and an oral tradition that was once a way of life. The bagpipe is being assimilated by the contemporary music scene and is integrating with modern sounds, beyond the realm of traditional festivals, thereby gaining a younger audience and enjoying great resonance around Greece and worldwide. More info

A film by Lorenzo Borghini | Italy 2021 | 66 min.
Language Italian with English subtitles

Divided into four chapters, and narrated by Maurizio Lombardi’s voice over “When The Roads End” aims to raise awareness among road users – primarily the youngest – about the high degree of danger related to driving a motor vehicle. Through different witnesses- ranging from relatives of road accident victims to first aid operators – the documentary tells the pain of those involved in a road accident, recalling the enormous responsibility that affects anyone who drives in the roads More info

Fernando, the Sea Urchin’s Hunter from Castr
A film by Matteo Polo | Italy 2020 | 14 min.
Language: Italian with English subtitles

This documentary shows Fernando’s life, the sea urchin’s hunter from Castro, and his relationship with the Sea. It’s a story about humanity and shows how Fernando learned a different way to approach life, living 15 metres under the sea. This is the story of this vision. More info


Women in Cinema

500 Calories
Directed by Cristina Spina
Italy 2020 | 17 ‘

Directed by Suzannah Mirghani | Qatar-Sudan 2020 | 20′

The Fisher Girl
Directed by Lucia Lorè
Italy 2020 | 15′

Directed by Cinzia Angelini
Italy 2020 | 20′

Oranges & Lemons
Directed by Robyn Grace
New Zeland | 2020 13′

The Imperfect Pictures Directed by Coxi Chiara Rodoni | USA 2020 | 13′

Burned Directed byFatemeh Mohamadi Iran 2020 | 14′

Total Running time 101′

Country: Italy, USA, Iran, Sudan, Qatar

Original language with Italian subtitles

Italian Shorts

Love is a Dog Directed by Jordi Penner | Italy 2020 | 20′

Fame directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo | Italy 2020 | 12′

Iddhu Directed by Luigi Pironaci Italy 2020 |12′

Winter Directed by Giulio Mastromauro | Italy 2020 | 17′

The Nutcatcher Directed by Domenico Modafferi | Italy 2020 17′

Horizon directed by Daniele De Muro | Italiy 2020 15′

Néo Kósmo Directed by Adelmo Togliani | Italy 2020 | 19′

Total running timt 107′

Country: Italy

Italian with english subtitles

International Shorts

The Stain Directed by Shoresh vakili | Iran 2020 | 13′

Feeling Through Directed by Doug Roland | USA 2020 | 19′.

Somewhere in Time Directed by Nawaf Al Janahi | Emirati 2020 | 15′

Fiaba Directed by Maxim Kulkov | Russia 2020 18′

Pipo and blind loveDirected by Hugo Le Gourrierec | France 2020 | 12′

Total Running time108′

Country: Italy

Original language with Italian subtitles

Kosher Directed by Gideon Imagor | Israele 2020 | 13′

Barrio Frontera Directed by Reed Purvisi USA Argentina 2020 | 18′


Short-Films In Streaming

Barbershop Directed by im yoon-gi | South Corea 2021 | 15′

Casiopea Directed by Fernando Manso | Spain 14′

The Saverini Widow directed by Loïc Gaillard | France 2020 | 19′

Finis Terrae Directed by Tommaso Frangini | USA 2020 | 17′

For my Daughter Directed by Mohammad Ferajzade | Iran 2019 | 2′

Just Like Water Directeby Manos Triantafillakis | Greece 2021 | 13′

Maden Essence Directed by Salih Özderya | Turchia 15′

Survivers Directed by Carlos Gómez-Trigo | Spain 2020 | 6′

The Moment Directed byi Sole Sun | China 2020 | 5′

The Recess Directed by Navid Nikkhah Azad | Iran 2021 | 12′

Canti di Passaggio Directed by Cosima Lanzillotti | Italy 2021 | 16′

Solitaire Directed by Edoardo Natoli | Italy 2020 | 11′

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