Unique experience. Discover Tricase with the SIFF

Dear film directors, jurors, insiders and cinema enthusiasts

We are pleased to announce an opportunity offered by the Salento International Film Festival for the participants who represent the lifeblood of each edition. In our commitment to foster meaningful encounters and promote cultural discovery, we have prepared an experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the wonders of Tricase.

Hospitality Offer:

The film directors in competition will have the opportunity to enjoy 2 nights of accommodation at the Hotel or B&B that has an agreement with the Salento Film Festival. This offer is designed to enrich your participation in the festival, giving you the time and comfort you need to fully appreciate the unique atmosphere of Tricase.

Discovery Tricase:

Tricase, with its rich history, vibrant culture and enchanting landscapes, will be the ideal setting for your stay. You will explore the picturesque streets, discover local traditions and taste the authentic cuisine that characterizes this beautiful location. We are confident that Tricase will prove to be a valuable addition to your Salento Film Festival experience

How to participate:

  • Qualification: The hospitality offer is reserved for directors selected for the current edition of the Salento Film Festival.
  • Booking Procedure: Once selected, you will receive further instructions on how to book your 2 nights of accommodation. Transfers to and from Brindisi and Lecce are not included
  • Unforgettable Experience: We are sure that this opportunity will add a special touch to your participation in the Salento Film Festival, offering you precious moments to explore Tricase and connect with colleagues and cinema enthusiasts.

We look forward to seeing you at the Salento Film Festival, where the art of cinema will merge with the beauty of Tricase.

Cycling Experience at the Salento Film Festival: Discover Tricase by Bicycle

We are thrilled to introduce a unique experience of sustainable mobility at the Salento Film Festival: the use of bicycles to explore the country and fully enjoy the wonders it offers. The bicycle not only represents an eco-friendly way to get around, but also offers the opportunity to discover hidden corners and fully experience the authentic atmosphere of this splendid location. .

From and to Brindisi Airport

MAX VIAGGI | 338 894 7042
ANTONIO MUSIO | 366 346 7238
AUTONOLEGGIO M | 327 210 4619


The Siff is pleased to receive numerous guests every year to whom we offer a unique and welcoming experience in the city of Tricase.
Below is a list of Hotels & Restaurants that collaborate with the Siff (updating)


Contemporary elegance in the center of Tricase

An elegant and contemporary structure in the heart of Tricase, the place of choice for a refined and comfortable experience. The name comes from the Greek word ” Kallistòs”, the most beautiful”

Hotel Adriatico

Our Idea of Hospitality


Welcome to the Hotel Adriatico! You will be welcomed by a family atmosphere, by a management attentive to the needs of the guest and by a calm, relaxed and never intrusive atmosphere where you can dedicate yourself to your rest and relaxation.