Infernal Affairs Trilogia

The complete trilogy of Infernal Affairs, the detective saga directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak

The detective trilogy that shocked the Hong Kong box office presented here for the first time together: the film that started the saga, Infernal Affairs of 2002, and the subsequent Infernal Affairs II and III, both of 2003.

Infernal Affairs, The perfect crime A clockwork script, written according to the perfect grammar of the thriller, tells of a breathtaking mole hunt where good and evil are confused. Chan, undercover cop has earned a position in the upper echelons of the triads. Lau is a criminal infiltrator with equal success at the top of the police. Spearhead of Hong Kong crime cinema. Infernal Affairs it is a legendary work that overflows in an unpredictable and explosive climax.


Directed by Andrew Lau e Alan Mak
Hong Kong 2002, 101’| Language: Italian
September 8 – 8:45 pm | More info

Infernal Affairs Trilogia

Directed by Andrew Lau e Alan Mak
Hong Kong 2003 | 115 min. | Language: Italian
September 9 – 9:20 pm  | More Info

Infernal Affairs

Directed by Andrew Lau e Alan Mak
Hong Kong 2003 | 118 min. | Language: Italian
September 10 – 5pm | More info

Special Screening

Finding Bliss:
Fire and Ice

Resignation, frustration and helplessness are what we all face as human beings living on this planet. In a place like Hong Kong these conditions are intensified and amplified by the densely populated living conditions. The pressures of just trying to survive in the big city are already enough to bring people into extreme physical, emotional and mental conditions. These extreme conditions can force humans to lock themselves up in any way.
The pursuit of happiness is one of the main themes of the film. Surprised to find that Hong Kong ranks 74th in the World Happiness Index, la forza creativa Josie Ho decides to do something about it. After interviewing some folks about their personal dissatisfaction, she takes a group of musicians and students to Iceland, officially one of the world’s happiest—and most scenic—countries. There the adventurers relearn how to laugh, connect with and trust one another, explore natural wonders, and, finally, collaborate with Icelandic musicians on a trans-generational musical journey in a dark and disconsolate world.

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