Siff Awards 19

19th Edition September 6 - September 11, 2022

The 19th edition of the Siff, in the current difficult times between the aftermath of the pandemic and the winds of war that threatenly blow at our doors, with all the heavy load of uncertainties, wants to confirm itself as a very precious opportunity to create culture and offer food for thought through the debate. The Siff dialogues and promotes encounters between people and peoples aware of the fact that cinema is one of the most powerful means of cultural communication and bonding between cultures and peoples.

And the Winner is…

The dance of Alì and Zin

Best Film

THE DANCE OF ALÌ AND ZIN Directed by Mehmet Ali Konar | Turkey 2021 | 78 min | Regional Preview

For the delicacy of the cinematographic style in which every detail as well as the whole are imbued with a poetic aura that is as the title foretells a dance that seems to emanate from the protagonists without smudging as if by magic. Enchanting and surprising like the Cinema. of quality we always want it to remain in our hearts and be unforgettable.

Hermine Stepanyan

Best Actress

HERMINE STEPANYAN – Armenian actress starring in the film ZULALI directed by Hayk Ordyan | Armenia 2021 | 90 ‘| Italian Premiere

the Zulali of the homonymous film once again extraordinary interpreter of pain and love that there are no words to be expressed but that are revealed in the looks, in the postures, in the smiles and in incomplete and inarticulate sounds or in silences full of meaning

Michal Gadomski

Best Actor

MICHAL GADOMSKI – Polish actor starring in the film I THE NEGATIVE Directed by Robert Wichrowski | Poland 2022 | 75 min | Italian preview

Able to render the chaos of sensations, emotions, feelings, reflections with a variation of mimicry and a skilful use of the voice in a flash back between childhood memories, those of adolescence and those of adults, in a harrowing swing between what has been and what. Remaining mysterious and inaccessible between the desire to escape and die and the instinct to survive to recover the fullness of life.

Alchemy of the Sprit

Best Soundtracks

HEATHER TURNEY SCHMIDT for ALCHEMY OF THE SPIRIT Directed by Steve Balderson | USA 2022 | 90 min | Italian Premiere

The sounds of the Universe find their pentagram, in the intimate Universe of Oliver struggling, in a background that is a phrasing in which the colors are perceived as sounds, in an attempt to contain the pain for an unsustainable loss, that of his wife Evelyn. An artistic transposition of the primitive divine essence of his woman.


Miglior Screenplay

DOUBLES Written and directed by Valerio Valente
Italy 2021 | 64 min

A writing that ranges from the sense of making theater, and of making cinema, both on the stage to being both actors and spectators of our daily script in life. The writing of “Double” dissects the common denominators and substantial differences present in this dichotomy, in search of a pacifying melting point of the inner self with a vividness and a rhythm that recalls the flow of the tides and recalls the lapping of the waves on the shoreline from chapeau.

Nicola, Mussels, Kebab and Coca Cola

Best Documentary

Directed by Antonio Palumbo | Italy 2021 | 85 ′

For the intelligently pop Mood with which the director and narrator deconstructs the cliché of the Patron Saint of Bari, San Nicola, to restore to this bishop his historical ability as an eclectic character vehicle of identifications between the sacred and the secular from East to West, to the point of becoming a consumer testimonial. For a sharp and ironically affectionate gaze as a “pilot and guide” on a “journey” that ideally ranges from Turkey to the USA to tell the truth about Nicola the man before the Saint.



OLD Directed by Dino LopardoItalia 2021 | 12 ′

An excellent Leo Gullotta is masterfully directed to render with precise shots that are excellent on the body that in silence is a symphony of experience, substitutes for dialogues reduced to the strictly indispensable.


Best Short | Women in Cinema

RED ROOM Directed by Lilian Amir Ali Iraq 2021 | 12 ′

Red Room ”is the story of a woman who lives alone with her daughter. For the sustenance of the family, men enter the house every day. The woman’s neighbors have a negative opinion about her, but in the end …


Best International Short

KOLD – Directed by Marley Hasselbach Denmark 2021 | 18 ′

For the intensity of the representation of the power of love that makes two strangers the mutual lock pick to go beyond their fears, even at the cost of losing their lives, in the certainty that together it is the best or even the only possible way to live a existence of quality.



Documentary directed by Ilaria Jovine and Roberto Mariotti | Italy 2021 | 84 min |

For the ability to tell, with an adamantine rigor, a story of exceptional professionalism and at the same time human involvement and never imprudent and always conscious courage, which is that of a freelance journalist on the war fronts, Nancy Porsia. The work of the two documentary makers testifies to the service to the truth of those who, like Porsia, have always and constantly paid attention to micro stories together with the Great History.



RONDINELLA Directed by Domenico de Ceglia | Italy 2021 | 64 min

To Ilaria Panteghini for freshness and authenticity ..

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