17th Edition September 1 - September 6, 2020

And the Winner is…

One Night in Teheran

Best Film

ONE NIGHT IN TEHERAN Directed by Farhad Najafi | Iran 2019 | 78′

Like New York, Tokyo، Mumbai and all the big cities around the world, Tehran has also its own night life, mischievous and underground. In a night at Tehran, a 30 yrs girl, running away from her birthday party, looking for happiness, gets into a night cab, unaware of how her life is going to change forever.


Sheep Hero

Best Actress

DIRA PAES – Brazilian actress starring in the film Purezadirected by Renato Barbieri | Brazil 2019 | 101 ‘

Pureza sets out in search of his son Abel, who disappeared after leaving to work in the mines of the Amazon. He thus has the opportunity to discover the conditions under which the workers, reduced to slavery, are forced to work and the ongoing deforestation process. Federal authorities do not believe her words, however, leaving her alone to fight against a strong and perverse system

Mohammad Reza Hedayati

Best Actor

MOHAMMAD REZA HEDAYATI– Iranian actor starring in the film Simin directed by Morteza Atash-Zamzam | Iran 2019 | 78 ‘

A boy tries to save his family and is forced to become an adult at the age of thirteen. “Simin” investigates the reasons for the drying up of the Zayandehrud, the largest river in the Iranian plateau in central Iran, and the impact on people’s lives, especially farmers.

Barefoot Warriors

Best Soundtrack

Barefoot Warriorsdirected by Kavi Raz | USA / India 2020 | 101 ‘
Music by Kartik & Gaurav Dev

The film is based on the glorious past of Indian football in the mid-twentieth century when it qualified for the World Cup final in 1950. Indian footballers used to play barefoot always bold and respectful with brave hearts have faced other teams in the world who they played with shoes.

Best Cinematography

Best Cinematography

ONE NIGHT IN TEHERAN Directed by Farhad Najafi | Iran 2019 | 78′
Cinematografhy by: Rouzbeh Raiga

New York, Tokyo e Mumbai hanno tutte la loro vita notturna. E così fa Teheran; un mondo sotterraneo notturno diverso da qualsiasi altro. Una donna, in cerca di felicità nel caos del suo mondo esasperante, una notte sale su un taxi, completamente inconsapevole di come la sua vita cambia per sempre

Sheep Hero

Best Documentary

SHEEP HERO – Directed by Ton van Zantvoort | Netherlands 2019 | 81 ‘

A documentary with an amazing photography. Stijn leads his free-man herd of sheep with a determined blue-eyed gaze and the appearance of a lone cowboy, he is one of the last traditional herders in the Netherlands. When he loses his main grazing contract, the situation becomes desperate. But the heroic shepherd is not the type to give up

Heart Wood

Social Impact Award

HEART WOODDocumentary directed by Stefano Petroni | Italy 2019 | 62 ‘

Heartwood tells the story of Agostino, a farmer’s son on a mission to save his regions’ olive trees from a natural disaster. Xylella fastidiosa is the most deadly plant pathogen known to humankind, and it has already killed 20 million olive trees in Southern Italy with no sign of slowing down. In fact, it’s now reached France and Spain. Olive production across the entire Mediterranean basin is at risk.


Best Short | Women in Cinema

SYNCHRONIZATION– Directed by Anna Kasińska | Poland 2019 | 20 ‘

n 2084, when the male sex is near extinction, four women wait for their menstrual cycles to synchronize. They all want to become mothers and there can only be one donor. When the day comes, Donor finally appears at their doorstep. During a dinner he suffers an accident and seems to be dead.


Best International Short

INNOCENZA – Directed by Ben Reid | UK 2019 | 20′

When a worker falls to his death at a care home, it appears to be a terrible accident. But when a detective questions a young man with Down syndrome spotted at the scene, they uncover a crime more shocking than anyone imagined.

My Dear Mother

Best Music Video

MY DEAR MOTHERMusic Video directed by Alessandro Scippa | Italy | 6 ‘

A memorable video clip, are the sounds and words of “Neapolitan tears” that evoke stories of migrants and travelers in search of freedom and recognition.