15th Edition September 1 – September 9, 2018

And the Winner Is…

Temporary Difficulties

Best Film

TEMPORARY DIFFICULTIES Directed by Michail Raskhodnikov | Russia 2019

For the ability to adamantly express the Faith in one’s ability to overcome one’s limits above all mental and consequently also physical. For the clarity with which the parenting dynamics are explored both between spouses and with their children. For the positive message that he hypothesizes in the course of his life to be able to review his own positions, even the most extreme ones and transform anger into fertilizer for life.



Best Director Morteza Alì Abbas Mirzael

ISOLATION Directed by Morteza Alì Abbas Mirzael | Iran 2017 | 98 ‘

For the complex weaving of themes intertwined in a plot in which the themes of prejudice, envy, jealousy, filiar love, friend, marital, passion, desire, cultural overturns are gutted with power of looks and stylistic mastery and where each of the protagonists is asked an effort that the director’s interpretation transforms into a whole series of pearls of skill.

Yeganeh Rajabi

Best Actress

YEGANEH RAJAB for the film “GOLNESA” Directed by Sattar Chamani Gol | Iran 2018

For the ability of mimicry that makes non-verbal language an unequivocal and excellent tool and that indicates how art can challenge any prison, allowing us to fly high but stay with our feet on the ground.

Andrew Pifko

Best Actor

ANDREW PIFKO per il Film “DADDY ISSUE ” Directed by Amara Cash | USA 2018

For the difficult task of rendering in an actor’s rehearsal the drama of being and feeling inadequate as a son, as a husband as a father and as a lover, to live an always risky and always frustrating split between the professional and personal responsibilities of being able to save or destroy lives of others and of the redemption that always involves the discovery of one’s courage to overcome fears.

The Iron Orchard


Directed by Ty Roberts | USA 2018
Soundtrack by Duncan Thum

For the American atmosphere of the years in which the work is set that music manages to recreate in the ruthlessness of certain exploits, in the key to the redemptions of those who believed in the American dream and in the price that someone, crossing its borders beyond what is necessary, paid and made to pay


Dimitri de Clercq

Best Cinematography

Directed by Dimitri de Clercq|Belgium, France, Germany 2018
Cinematography by Stijn Grupping

For the impeccable rendering of the environment in which, between the dazzling lights of the desert and the absolute white of the house, the red of the protagonist’s dress during her survival path in the desert and the linen of the male protagonist’s clothes represents all the inner research of those who need to get lost to find themselves.

Ephemere - Inevitable Beauty

Best Documentary

EPHÈMÈRE – INEVITABLE BEAUTYDirected by Simone Marcelli | Italy 2017

For the ability to decline the concept of beauty in all possible ways and underline how it is a way of saving oneself, for the hatching of the figure of an exponent of Italian culture, Franco Maria Ricci, che nel mondo ha rappresentato il nostro paese portando al massimo del suo potenziale il concetto stesso di bellezza attraverso l’amore per l’arte e la letteratura .

Magic Alps

Best International Short

MAGIC ALPS – Directed by Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi | Italy 2018
For the ability to express through a “minimal” story the power of love capable of changing the rules even where and when one is helpless and unheard foreigners. The change that the most delicate and weakest creatures “the animals”, with their patience and their presence are able to activate. For the absolutely overwhelming dryness of a work that undermines the profound and moves us by giving up


Best Short | Women in Cinema

TESSDirected by J. Hyun Kim | USA / South Korea 2017

For the stylistic elegance and the technique with which the drama of loneliness is told through the robots, a rupture is identified in the awareness of death but also the principle that follows and the belief that no technology can ever replace neither the feeling of man, nor the longing for contact with it.

Best Animation Short

TWO BALLOONSDirected by Mark Smith| USA 2017

For the tenderness of the love story between two creatures that literally travel in time and above all in space, each one ready to challenge the rules and the unexpected elements of the sky and the sea, that is, capable of enjoying infinite horizons alone until the call of nature and of the feeling will not bind their lives making them meet through looks and gestures and recognize each other in the stroke, sign and perfume of the desire for peace and union, the dove, and discover the fullness of crossing the waters of life united by supporting each other.

The Talent Factory

Best Music Video

THE TALENT FACTORY Directed by Luca Acito | Italy 2018

For the circus atmosphere in which it is possible to transform aspirations into tangible creations and where every experiment, even those of illusionism, intertwine with each other in a team game that concerns everyone but requires from each a single artist proof where photography, color, choice of make-up and wigs are complementary elements to tell the talent of the authors of the same video clip.