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 The Festival Places 

The Princes Gallone Palace and   Pisanelli square.
THE DEVIL CHURCH After   midnight,   the   festival   moves   to   an   unusual   land full   of   mystery   location:   the   Church   of   the   devils,   in the   countryside,   about   1.5   km   away   from   the   main square.    This    location    will    host    a    big    screen    with outdoor     screenings     and,     after     midnight,     will     be presented    a    marathon    of    short    films    and    feature films.   The   church   of   Our   Lady   of   Constantinople,   built in   1865,   is   called   the   "   Church   of   the   Devil"   because   of a   legend   that   says   it   was   built   by   Satan   in   a   single night, following a bet. In collaboration with Meditinere
THE PRINCES GALLONE PALACE & PISANELLI SQUARE Privileged   location,   in   the   historical   heart   of   Tricase, with   its   beautiful   PISANELLI   Square   and   the   Princes Gallone    Palace,    sumptuous    monument    and    cultural centre   of   the   city.      This   location   will   be   the   heart   of   the festival:   the   atrium   of   the   Gallone's   Palace   will   host the      large      projection      screen      for      the      outdoors screenings,    where    the    two    films    will    be    presented nightly    from    21:00    to    00:30.    While    in    the    Palace stables    will    screen    short    films    and    documentaries from   17:30.   The   beautiful   Pisanelli   square   will   be   the right   scene   for   concerts   and   meetings   at   the   Cinema Lounge.
The church of our Lady  of Constantinople (Church of the Devils)
Farmacia Balboa Wine Cocktail Bar
Cinema Lounge FARMACIA BALBOA The   one   in   Pisanelli   square   had   always   been   a   classic pharmacy,    from    August    2014    has    become    another kind   of   place:   a   cocktail-bar   by   the   name   of   Farmacia Balboa. Open   from   American   director   Taylor   Hackford   with two    other    partners.    the    wine    cocktail    bar    most glamorous   of   Puglia,   where   you   might   be   served   by the   director   of   "An   Officer   and   a   Gentleman"   and   find yourself seated next to his wife, Dame Helen Mirren.
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September 2/10, 2016 / Tricase / Salento / Italy