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SalentoInternationalFilmFest Selected Films Italiano
September 2/10, 2016 / Tricase / Salento / Italy

 SIFF 2016

SIFF   continues   its   mission   to   offer   its   public   the   work   of   the   Independent   cinema, Italian   and   International   movies   from   all   over   the   world,   premieres   and   rare   works of art: a unique opportunity to watch the real international Independent cinema. 10   features   take   part   to   the   competition    this   year:   Siff   opens   with   the   Iranian movie   directed   by   Abbas   Rafei   Oblivion   Season ”,   that   tells   the   story   of   Fariba,   and ex   prostitute   back   in   Iran,   who   although   abused   and   cut   off   from   the   world   by   her husband   obsessed   by   her   her   never   forgiven   past   and   her   imagined   infidelity, decides   to   drive   her   husband   van   to   earn   the   money   she   needs   to   cure   him.   A harsh   and   dark   movie,   a   condemnation   of   violence   and   abuses   suffered   by   women in   a   sexist   society.   Closing   the   kermesse   at   its   13th   seasons,   the   new   movie   by director   Filippino   Mel   Chionglo,   Ladya   Mo   Kami”    Deliver   Us   which   tells   the   drama of   a   priest   looking   for   his   vocation   and   his   redemption   and   of   the   many   problems he faces as a priest.   4   Documentaries   in   competition:   as   always   among   the   many   movies   presented at    the    Salento    International    Film    Festival,    there    is    a    section    dedicated    to    the Documentaries,  this year from Mexico, France, United States and England. 41    Shortmovies:     Film    Festivals    are    always    the    best    place    to    watch    beautiful shortmovies.   This   year   41   of   them   have   been   selected   for   our   Festival,   coming   from 13    different    Countries    and    divided    in    4    sections:    Italians    Shorts,     International Shorts ,   Animation   and   Shorts   directed   by   women   under   the   category   “  Women   like it short  ”. Hong    Kong    Cinema    Panorama:    Hong    Kong    movies    are    increasingly    present during    International    Festivals.    The    “Action    Movie”    kind,    still    has    a    large    annual production   in   Honk   Kong,   but   not   the   only   form   of   cinematic   expression   of   the asian   metropolis.   During   SIFF,   in   collaboration   with   Brussels   Hong   Kong   Economic and   Trade   Office ,   you   can   watch   4   movies:   one   is   a   Italian   Premiere   and   the   other 3   are   shortmovies.   We   have   in   program   the   film   that   moved   Venice   in   2011,   A simple   Life    directed   by   Ann   Hui    with   Deanie   Ip    and    Andy   Lau.    A   bitter   and   tender story about the love of a mother to her child. SIFF    Special:     4    movies    not    in    competition    and    midnight    screenings    in    a    new location,   “The   Devils’   Church”,   deconsecrated   church   of   Our   Lady   of   Constantinople built in 1685, in the countryside, away 1,5 km from Gallone Palace.  
The Devil’s Church Deconsecrated church of Our Lady of Constantinople, 1685