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SalentoInternationalFilmFest Popular Jury

 The Popular Jury  The key part of the Festival


It    will    be    the    Popular    Jury,    judging    all    films    in    competition, deciding the most important prizes of the festival. The   decision   to   have   a   popular   jury   was   made   from   the   need   to aggregate    and    circulate    ideas    and    feelings    between    young people   and   adults.   The   members   of   the   jury   will   have   to   attend the   screenings   and   decide   the   best   film   in   each   category,   and other prizes that will be delivered the day of the final award. Everyone   can   be   be   part   of   the   jury:   people   of   different   ages (15-90   years)   and   social   backgrounds   living   in   Tricase   or   nearby the   City,   but   also   tourists   staying   in   Tricase   during   the   festival. To   become   a   member   of   the   jury   you   will   need   to   fill   up   a specific request, which needs to be sent by 20th August 2016. For morde Info: 0833.771821 | 328.708.7503
September 2/10, 2016 / Tricase / Salento / Italy