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SalentoInternationalFilmFest Hospitality

 Hospitality SIFF 2016

The   Salento   Internatinal   Film   Festival   will   offer   filmmakers   and   to eligible     persons     few     nights     of     hospitality,     despite     the     difficult economic situation and the limited funds available. We   will   ask   you   a   small   contribution   for   each   night   we   offer,   up   to four    nights    (the    contributions    will    be    a    minimum    of    €    10    to    a maximum   of   €   20,   depending   on   the   type   of   accommodation   you choose).     The     accommodation     will     be     offered     to     filmmakers, journalists,    film    critics,    movie    industry    professors    and    students, subject to availability. The    type    of    accommodations    we    offer    are    as    follow:    Double    bed room   in   a   2   or   3   star   Hotel;   B&B;   Farmhouse;   Guest   house   or   similar inn Tricase centre or nearby. The    request    for    accommodation    must    be    received    by    August    5th 2016.   By   August   25th   accredited   guests   will   receive   a   confirmation with all the details about the accommodation we booked. For    more    information    please    call    0833.771821    |    328.708.7503    or send an e-mail at: salento.cinema(@)thinkitalian.org.
September 2/10, 2016 / Tricase / Salento / Italy