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A celebration of Independent film from

around the world

As   a   well   established   reality   on   the   national   and   international festival   scene,   SIFF   mission   is      to      support   the   distribution   of Independent    cinema,    by    offering    national    and    international      movie   productions   the   place   and   time   to   exchange   their   views, conscious   that   the   art   of      Cinema   is   the   most      powerful   cultural communication channel, bringing people and cultures  together. Founded   in   2004   and   set   in   Salento   -   the   Door   to   the   East ”   that has   always   represented   a      melting   pot   of   cultures   and   traditions   - the   Salento   International      Film   Festival   is   totally      dedicated   to Independent   productions:   an   innovative   formula   which   is   defined by   the   high   quality   of   its   contents   and   the   detailed   research   work within the contemporary cultural  expressions. The      Salento      International      Film      Festival      has      become      an International   event   thanks   to   its   “touring”   concept,   which   started with   film   screenings   in   London   at   the   Prince   Charles   Cinema   (the only   independent   cinema   in   Central   London)   back   in   2010.   Since then   SIFF   Tour   has   presented   many   independent   films   around   the world   in   cities   like   Zurich,   Moscow,   St   Petersburg,   Hong   Kong, Santiago del Chile, Yerevan and more. Our   tour   offers   several   distinct   programs   of   recent   independent feature   films   and   short   films   from   the   Salento   International   Film Festival.     The     tour     provides     filmmakers     with     the     unique opportunity    of    having    their    work    screened    in    front    of    an international   audience,   and   the   audience   with   a   rare   opportunity to   appreciate   quality   independent   movies,   which   would   generally not reach mainstream distribution.
Italiano City Of Tricase
September 1-9, 2017 / Tricase / Salento / Italy
We   can   not   fulfill   our   mission   without   you!   The   power   of   film to    inform,    enlighten    and    educate        is    inestimable.    Please consider   a   contribution   to   assist   SIFF   in   continuing   this   ever- important effort. Your donation of any size will be greatly appreciated.
Hong Kong superstar AARON KWOK  received the SALENTO CINEMA ACTOR AWARD 2017 on Friday May 19