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 Who We Are

Gigi Campanile | Executive Director

Born    in    Tricase,    Luigi    starts    at    a    very    early    age    his    career    as    a photographer,   moves   to   Rome   and   works   for   the   most   important agencies   in   the   field   till   the   end   of   the   90s.   He   then   transfers   to   the USA: first to New York and then LA where he lives, and there he builds a   name   and   career   working   for   top   international   magazines   around the   world.   In   1997   he   founds   the   magazine   “La   Dolce   Vita”,   a   monthly bilingual   issue   promoting   Italian   culture   in   La.   From   1998   he   is   the founder   and   executive   director   of   the   first   Italian   Film   Festival   in   Los Angeles   “LAIFA-   Los   Angeles   Italian   Film   Awards”.   In   2004   starts   and directs   the   Salento   International   Film   Festival,   based   in   Salento,   and works    as    a    producer    and    film    distributor    as    well    as    organizer    of international movie events around the world.

Patrizia Scarascia

Production Manager

Virginia Carrozzo

Special Event Coordinator

Martina Festa


Eleonora Tedone


Luis Belltower

Graphic | Web Design | Fotography

September 1-9, 2017 / Tricase / Salento / Italy