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 The City of Tricase

At   about   fifty   kilometers   from   Lecce,   lies   the   town   of Tricase.   The   city   overlooks   the   Adriatic   Sea   and   its coast   during   the   summer   season   offers   clear   water and   pristine   nature   making   this   area   one   of   the   best in Salento. Tricase    is    an    ancient    city,    and    in    year    1200    many landowners   were   fighting   to   have   their   hands   over these wonderful lands kissed by the sun. The   last   feudal   lords   were   the   Gallone   Princes,   an important    family    of    Terra    D'Otranto,    who    found residence   in   Tricase   and   stayed   there   for   a   very   long time.   Very   famous   is   the   castle   of   the   family,   which   is none    other    than    the    Prince's    Palace    of    Gallone, beautiful    building    and    cultural    center    of    the    city, home of the Salento International Film Festival. Because   of   its   ancient   origins,   tricase   offers   a   lot   to those   who   want   to   visit   it.   There   is   not   only   the   sea   to entertain     tourists     from     all     over     the     world:     we recommend   a   visit   to   the   CHIESA   MADRE   (The   main Church)    dating    from    the    sixteenth    century,    or    the Dominican convent facing the square. Tricase   has   two   small   town   into   its   council:   Depressa and    Lucugnano;    two    beaches:    port    of    Tricase    and marina   Serra;   three   districts:   Caprarica,   Tutino   and   St. Euphemia.   You   can   just   walk   through   the   streets   of these places to realize the beauty of the area.
September 1-9, 2017 / Tricase / Salento / Italy