IRANIAN CINEMA AT SIFF 2017 ONE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE AND EXCITING IN THE WORLD Following the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the inauguration of the Islamic Republic, many predicted that new restrictions would kill off Iran's cinema. But Iranian film has survived, undergoing remarkable transformations in parallel with the wider changes in Iranian culture and society. More


A SMALL CRADLE OF THE INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT CINEMA At about fifty kilometers from Lecce, lies the town of Tricase. The city overlooks the Adriatic Sea and its coast during the summer season offers clear water and pristine   nature making this area one of the best in Salento. Tricase is an ancient city, and in year 1200 many landowners were fighting to have their hands over these wonderful lands kissed by the sun. The last feudal lords were the Gallone Princes, an important family of Terra D'Otranto, who found residence in Tricase and stayed there for a very   long time.   Very famous is the castle of the family, which is none other than the Prince's Gallone Palace, beautiful building and cultural center of the city, home of the Salento International Film Festival. More
FOURTEEN YEARS OF FESTIVAL A CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT FILM FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD Founded in 2004 and set in Salento - “the Door to the East” that has always represented a  melting pot of cultures and traditions - the Salento International Film Festival is totally  dedicated to Independent productions: an innovative formula which is defined by the high quality of its contents and the detailed research work within the contemporary cultural  expressions. The Salento International Film Festival has become an International event thanks to its “touring” concept, which started with film screenings in London at the Prince Charles Cinema (the only independent cinema in Central London) back in 2010. Since then SIFF Tour has presented many independent films around the world in cities like Zurich, Moscow, St Petersburg, Hong Kong, Santiago del Chile, Yerevan and more. 
SIFF 2017
Cinema is the most powerful tool of communication and link between cultures and peoples
Photo by Daniele Met
Pisanelli Square & Prince's Gallone Palace

SIFF 2017

HONG KONG CINEMA PANORAMA WHERE EAST MEETS WEST Hong Kong movies are increasingly present during international festival. The “Action Movie” kind, still has a large annual production in Hong Kong. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office SIFF presents a selection of three Action Movie. More
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